Natural Deodorant


Our stick Deodorant is similar in formulation to many natural deodorants on the market.  It is not an antiperspirant and therefore will not prevent you from sweating.  It will however limit or eliminate body odour.

*Natural deodorants work well, but there are a few tricks to making them work for you long term.  We recommend using Apple Cider Vinegar diluted 1:1 with water as a rinse every few weeks or when you notice it not working or if you have any level of irritation.


·      Coconut Oil is an antibacterial oil and works to prevent bacteria that causes odours.

·      Beeswax is used in the formula to make a harder more stable bar.  It is also acts as a barrier

·      Baking Soda is used for it’s deodorizing capabilities

·      Arrowroot Powder aids in smoothing the skin and acts to give body to the deodorant.

·      Bentonite Clay draws out toxins built up in the armpits over time.  It aids in drawing out odour causing bacteria

·     Kaolin Clay is a white clay that gives the deodorant slip on the skin.  It also provides some drying capabilities.

·     Scents are achieved with a blend of Essential Oils

 *This product will melt in high heat