Hair Serum




Our Hair Serum was made in 2018 as a solution to frizzy hair.  It is formulated to provide a high level of moisture to the hair giving it more control. Each ingredient was chosen to help with hair growth, moisture and control. 


·         Horesetail is an herb that naturally contains silica which is essential in maintaining healthy nails and hair.  It promotes healthy hair growth, lessens the appearance of dandruff and acts as a natural hair conditioner.

·         Grapeseed Oil is a dry oil that is absorbed quickly and does not give a greasy feel or appearance. It strengthens the hair strand from the roots smoothing the cuticle and aids in preventing frizz.

·         Argan Oil is conditioning to the hair and scalp and helps to fight dandruff, tames frizz and promotes shine

·         Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamin C,B and E and may help with hair loss and prevent hair breakage

·         Castor Oil promotes smoother and shinier hair.  It attracts moisture to the hair shaft and aids in thickening hair.

·         Rosemary Essential Oil is said to aid in hair growth and prevention of dandruff

·         Lavender Essential Oil is antimicrobial and sooths itchy scalp & promotes growth 

·         Frankincense Essential Oil aids in stopping hair fall out, promotes shine and a healthy scalp.