Roll-On Deodorant


Our Roll-On Deodorant was made after a customer wanted to purchase our stick deodorant but was going to be spending the summer outside in the heat which would have caused the deodorant to melt.

The concept is based on Magnesium Oil working as a deodorant.  We introduced it to our regular product line after a year of market testing. 

*Please note that if your body is lacking Magnesium you will experience some irritation.  We suggest you test it on your stomach for a few days before putting it on your armpits.  Irritation is likely caused by low magnesium levels in the body.


·     Magnesium Oil is often used to relieve pain, but it also works as a deodorant! It is not actually an oil, it is Magnesium Chloride and Distilled Water

·     Fractionated Coconut Oil is liquid Coconut Oil and works as an antibacterial oil and works to prevent bacteria that causes odours.

·     Castor Oil is used to provide extra long lasting moisture to the formula to combat the drying of the Magnesium Oil.

·     Emulsifier -Ritamulse is used to create an emulsion that holds the oil and waters together. This is an EcoCert approved Emulsifier.

·     Preservative -Geoguard ECT is an EcoCert approved preservative and works to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and fungus.

·     Scents are achieved with a blend of Pure Essential Oils