Shave Soap


Our Shave Soap took us a whole year to perfect.   In the end we have a bar that has a long lasting lather, provides lubrication for smooth razor movement and is great for sensitive skin.


·         Olive Oil is a mild oil when used in soap and is non-drying.  It has a creamy lather.

·         Coconut Oil is one of only three cleansing oils and creates a bubbly lather in soap.

·         Castor Oil boosts lather in soap, we use a significant amount of this oil to boost the stability of the lather.

·         Shea Butter has anti-inflammatory properties in soap and is ideal for sensitive skin.  It adds conditioning properties to soap.

·         Avocado Oil is an effective anti-inflammatory oil and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and aids in collagen production in skin cells.  It adds conditioning properties to soap.

·         Sodium Hydroxide is lye.  All true soap is made with Lye which is the alkali that mixes with the Fatty Acids in the oils to make soap.  This process is called Saponification.

·         Yellow Clay provides slip when using a razor on the skin

·         Essential Oils are used for Scent  This is scents similar to our Indigo Earth Bar soap with Bergamot, Cedarwood and Patchouli